Instructions For Use


Steps For Using NanoE / G-LAY :

1. SHAKE HARD & PRESS the pack of NanoE / G-LAY for least 2 to 4 minutes. Make sure there is no harden substance..

2. Warm up the engine for about 1 minute before application.

3. Pour the NanoE / G-LAY into the ENGINE OIL FILLER PORT.

4. Start the engine and let it idle OR drive for 5 to 10 minutes to let the NanoE / G-LAY mix with the engine oil.

5. Warm up the engine / drive the vehicle everyday for at least a week for at least 5 minutes (for drivers who seldom drive).

Things To Take Note

We DO NOT recommend to use the NanoE / G-LAY on the following:

1) If vehicle is due for servicing within 5000km.
2) If ENGINE FLUSH was not done for the last few servicings (the oil sludge will dampen the effects of the NanoE / G-Lay).

The best effects can be seen if applied the NanoE / G-LAY after ENGINE FLUSH (wait a week before application) and OIL CHANGE.

For low mileage/new vehicles (min. 3000km mileage), NanoE / G-LAY will not have much visible effects but it will form a protective layer inside the engine, protecting the engine interior.

1 pack of NanoE / G-LAY to be used for 600cc to 1999cc engines.

1 pack of NanoE / G-LAY-Small Engine to be used for small cc engines, gearbox etc.

2 packs of NanoE / G-LAY is recommended for engines above 2000cc / turbo / diesel vehicles & vehicles with 150000km & above mileage.