What Is Nano Energizer

Nano Energizer is an engine enhancement cum restoration product.

Nano Energizer is a patented solution that "heals" scratches formed by the friction between the pistons rings and the cylinder wall over time in the Internal Chamber Engine for all vehicle types.

After application, Nano Energizer will start to form a durable bond with the engine's metal, adding a high wear resistance and also corrosion resistance for it.

Nano Energizer is 20 times stronger than steel and it has high tolerance for high temperature, humidity, superior lubrication and great combustibility without side-effect.

Once the scratches are covered up, together with the platinum properties in the Nano Energizer, engine combustion and oil pressure will be more efficient without any wasted fuel burnt thus giving you more mileage. The engine vibration and noise level will also be greatly reduced due to the smoother operation of the pistons. White smoke emission is also greatly reduced.